Clay-Chalkville High School seniors could face criminal charges for prank

CLAY, AL (WBRC) - Twenty-one Clay-Chalkville seniors don't have much to laugh about after school officials say their senior prank went too far. The consequences of this prank will come with a hefty price tag.

Lt. Jacob Reach with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case and he says surveillance footage shows 21 students turning a senior prank into illegal activity.

"Damage to the property, you had several things that were spray-painted, eggs, and then some damage to various windows and structures as well. Unfortunately, the prank got out of hand and lead to vandalism and criminal mischief," Lt. Reach states.

The students caused between $8,000 and $10,000 worth of damage and they will be held responsible for paying all of that back. But worst of all, this bad decision stays with them.

"Charges could result and follow them. It could prohibit them from getting that college scholarship that a couple of them were entitled to. It could prevent them from getting into the college of their choice, so it's not just the consequences of what occurred here at the school and the damage or the responsibility there, but it could affect them long-term and if they are charged criminally through the criminal justice system, that's something that will stay on the record of all of them forever," he explains.

Jefferson County Schools says the students won't walk at Clay-Chalkville High School's graduation later this month due to the vandalism at the high school this week.

Whitlee Lusk, a spokesperson for the school system, says the students were suspended and they must make restitution.

Lusk says the students will receive their diplomas, but will not be allowed to participate in the graduation march.

We have reached out to Jefferson County Sheriff's officials to see if the students will face criminal charges. Sgt. Jack Self says they are looking into the matter.

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