Birmingham drivers experience rough roads around the city

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Bumpy roads across the city of Birmingham has drivers complaining about damage to tires and alignment.

One area that has seen the rough roads is along Oporto Madrid Boulevard heading west from Crestwood.

The potholes have been patched, but now the patch jobs are causing some rough driving.

"It's bumpy. It's rigorous. From the interstate to here. So many potholes," says Keith Robinson.

He owns B and B Electric which is inside B and B Construction.

They have several properties along Oporto so they notice the issue every day.

"It's just a lot of areas that need to be replaced or fixed. Definitely repaving this road would be good for us and all the drivers, as you see. It stays busy all day," Robinson says.

As of news time, we were still waiting to hear back from officials about the issues and what the timeline is for fixing the problems.

If you need to report a pothole in the city of Birmingham, you can do so by calling the city's 311 call center.

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