Emergency responders looking for ways around interstate construction

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It may be a busy month for emergency responders as they try to deal with construction work in downtown Birmingham as work continues on the 59/20 bridge replacement project.

ALDOT has said that drivers can expect more lane closures and delays over the next month than we have experienced so far. The construction company is putting in more girders to support the flyover ramps that will be going into place.

The Birmingham Fire Department says the construction work has created some problems traveling to emergency calls. Their response rate at most is about a two-minute delay, but they still look for the shortest routes possible.

"Even if we have to get an alert or alarm signals us to go that route, we can take another route. Start at the beginning of another route. It takes us a minute longer," Captain Harold Watson said.

Capt. Watson said the department tries to stay up on the latest delays from ALDOT. The biggest problem remaining is when they're responding to an emergency call on the interstate in the construction zone. That will be the biggest delay.

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