Trussville homeowner complains of neglect after water pipe issue caused a big crack in kitchen floor

Trussville homeowner complains of neglect after water pipe issue caused a big crack in kitchen floor
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TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - A woman in Trussville contacted our On your Side Investigators about water pipe issues in her home. She feels the company that built the home is ignoring her repeated calls for help.

About four weeks ago, LaTarsha Williams says her kitchen floor was so hot, she's couldn't even stand on it. Soon after she noticed a crack in her kitchen tile. So she goes on her community's Facebook page and found out some of her neighbors were experiencing the same thing.

"They were like hey you have a water leak under your house," Williams said.

She then called the contractor D.R. Horton about getting it taken care of. Williams says someone did show up to fix one of her three water leaks.

"Once they came and repaired the leak, well I have holes in my wall from where they actually cut holes in the wall. And an unrepaired hole in my laundry room," Williams said.

Williams says her water pressure is low and her hot water heater is leaking and that crack we mentioned now stretches throughout her entire kitchen. Williams has tried getting the contractor to come back out to fix the problems. She feels like she's being ignored.

"It's extremely frustrating. And they're not willing to work with you as far as come out on the weekends or when you tell them hey I need you to come out, they say we can't do it. Its always what they can't do," Williams said.

Williams found out there's a number of other homes in her Glen Cross neighborhood with similar issues..We're told the subdivision is less than 10 years old.

"I work hard and just coming home and knowing, hey these things.your home is in dysfunction, it' really nerve wrecking," Williams added.

We did receive a statement from D.R. Horton:

D.R. Horton has been and will remain steadfast in our commitment to resolving the water pipe issue. Any homeowner that does experience a leak should contact D.R. Horton's local warranty department at Once a formal warranty request is received, we will arrange to meet with the homeowner for a home inspection at the homeowner's earliest convenience.

We've also learned there's a class action lawsuit against a plumbing subcontractor hired by D.R. Horton that did work in thousands of homes the company built. We're working to get more information on that lawsuit.

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