Moody PD wants cameras for weapons

MOODY, AL (WBRC) - The Moody Police Department wants to purchase cameras for their weapons.

"Cameras to me are just another huge asset for the officers duty gear," Chief Thomas Hunt with the Moody Police Dept. said.

Chief Hunt said there is a big difference between what the camera records on an officer's body cam verses having a gun camera running.

"When we are drawing our weapon on someone this new Viridian camera is going to make it as soon as the officer draws a weapon the camera automatically activates and you get a muzzle view of the officer is looking at," Hunt said.

The camera will be attached along with a light under the muzzle of the officer's gun.

Chief Hunt said the camera is a good investment for the city, one to prove a full accountability of police officers in any shooting situation and to protect the city against any possible lawsuit.

"Law enforcement is under the microscope over the last six to seven years. Everything we have done has to be almost perfect for the community," Hunt said.

Chief Hunt will be going before the Moody City Council on Monday night asking for about five thousand dollars to spend for 10 weapons with these cameras. He hopes to ask for another ten next fiscal year.

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