Trump's promise to lower prescription drug costs has families hopeful

MOODY, AL (WBRC) - President Donald Trump promised today to get a tough attitude with drug companies in an effort to bring the rising cost of prescription drugs.

In Moody, William Burkett of Trussville was hanging out at a laundry mat with his dog, JJ. Burkett was injured on the job back in 1994 and takes about 22 prescription pills a day for blood pressure and diabetes, along with other aliments, but he can't afford other drugs.

"I'm having to deal with pain right now. We can't afford to buy the patches they put on me for pain," Burkett said.

Next door at T'Marshae's Beauty Barber Salon, owner Anitra Rowe has two children, one 13 and one 21, one who have type 1 diabetes. Buying their medicine is not easy.

"Having two kids, one is 21. He needs help because he is sick a lot. Not having a job is hard for me. I still have to help him," Rowe said.

That means paying more for prescription drugs not covered by insurance.

"Nothing generic in insulin pins. The cost for him with three prescriptions is $175," Rowe said.

President Trump's promise for lowering prices for prescription drugs is welcomed by both families.

"I hope he can do something to help elderly people that are probably eating dog food for food to buy medicine," Burkett said.

Trump is advocating tougher negotiations with drug companies for the cost of their product, stopping the companies from selling their product cheaper outside of the country forcing them to advertise prices.

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