The Power of Words: Mayor Woodfin opens up about bullying

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - We've addressed the affects of bullying and cyberbullying and how it affects people all week. But now Birmingham mayor Randall Woodfin has a message for a different group of people.

"I'm here to say yo, I'm a leader in our community: Mocking people is not cool. Mocking people is unacceptable," Woodfin said.

Woodfin doesn't hold back on how he feels about the topic. He candidly admits that as a middle schooler he too faced some bullying.

"I was on the smaller side, I was on the skinny side. I was on the nerd side. Think about that. I wasn't the athlete. I wasn't necessarily the smartest," he said.

But Woodfin found a way to navigate through it and rise above it. He reached out to WBRC after seeing our special reports on the topic and while he encourages those being bullied and condems those doing it, his main message is for another group.

"The people who it doesn't affect can't be silent to it or add on to it," Woodfin said. "Just because we see people get in the mud doesn't mean we need to sit on the sideline and watch it. We can blow the whistle, we can wave the flag. We can say, 'Time out, this is bad, we can do better.'"

The full interview with Woodfin can be viewed below.

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