The Yodeling Kid turns heads in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Like they say, "America, what a great country!" Just months ago, young Mason Ramsey was recorded yodeling in a Walmart store. Yep, yodeling! Today, the 11-year-old is a viral sensation has been signed to a record deal and has appeared on numerous national TV shows.

Ramsey, a fan of the NBA, Xbox and his legion of female friends, loves to sing old Hank Williams songs (he says his grandpa taught him many of the old songs), and has seen his own new song called "Famous" released to rave reviews.

Ramsey has been touring the country, often visiting Walmart stores in various cities as he wants his fans to know he's not forgetting his roots. Mason knows that he has work to do on improving his range, his guitar playing and his stage presence, but he's set on continuing to work his way toward being a national country music star.

And to think it all started at a Walmart.

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