National health study seeks participants in Tuscaloosa

National health study in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A national health study is seeking participants in Tuscaloosa, as it was last weekend in Birmingham.

Joe Fritz signed up quickly for the All of Us Research Program after the its bus parked on the University of Alabama campus on Thursday.

"I wanted to participate in this program. It said it would help our healthcare and the healthcare of the next generation," Fritz said.

Researchers want people like Fritz who are willing to share information about their health to find ways to offer better individualized care, prevention and treatment for people.

They want to come up with precision medicine, which considers differences in people's lifestyles, environments and biological makeup.

That information will be used to develop individual care plans and treatment programs.

"Patients will be able to get information back about their health and about their status as well as we develop this so they really can have a individual personal benefit as well as benefit society," said Professor Thomas Weida, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs for the College of Community Health Sciences at the University of Alabama.

People interested in signing up for the All of Us Research Program can still sign up for it after today at the North East building of the University of Alabama Medical Center.

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