Study ranks Alabama one of the worst places for working women

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A new study ranks Alabama as one of the worst states in the country for working mothers. Our state also got a pretty bad ranking for working women in general.

The study shows Alabama in last place for opportunities for women and the gender pay gap is a big problem.

Even highly successful women in Alabama like Birmingham Southern President Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith says it was not an easy road.

When I asked if she felt that she had to work harder as a female to get to where she is today and this was her response.  "Absolutely no question
no doubt all women do. You have to prove that you can do the job. You have to prove that you can do it better in a way that proving never ends," she explains.

it started in college as she was one of the few females seeking a financial degree. After college she says her career took off but as she moved up the chain of success she realized the harder it was for women. She says she vividly remembers a time when she applied for a job and the employer said he was very impressed with her but that he could not give her the job.

"He said you can't have that job because they vice president said we can't put a woman in that job," she explains. She did not take no for an answer though and she went to speak to the vice president of the company herself and ended up getting the job. That vice president ended up becoming a great mentor and friend of hers.

The WalletHub study ranked Alabama 42nd in female unemployment and 48th in the ratio of female executives to males. Flaherty-Goldsmith says even today after working in a man's world the majority of her career and several of those men turned into great mentors but she believes women still face a lot of issues in the working world especially for the working moms.

"Because child care is expensive it is sometimes difficult to get to there. You have to get your children there and then you have to get to work. All of those things work against someone when they are poor or struggling financially and then has children especially a working mother," she explains.

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