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Gov. Ivey says health is "excellent" after opponents want medical records released

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Gov. Kay Ivey is reacting to calls by her opponents to release her health records.

The governor's campaign releasing a letter Monday from Ivey's longtime doctor saying she has undergone all yearly physicals and recommended exams and that she is in "excellent health." Gov. Ivey says she's too busy running the state to worry about what her opponents think about her health.

"My health is good. Thank the Lord it is for anybody who is really interested and really cares. I'm proud to say that I'm in good health and doing well. These folks are just trying to pull a publicity stunt, etc.," Ivey said.

In recent weeks, Gov. Ivey says if her opponents are worried about her age then they should come out and say it rather than hiding behind media stunts.

In her latest campaign ad, she says she's "tough as nails" and a "straight shooter."

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