Tuscaloosa City School board sets new goals for the superintendent

Tuscaloosa City School board sets new goals for the superintendent
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TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - There's a call for change from the Tuscaloosa City School Board.

While the Tuscaloosa City School board acknowledges Dr. Mike Daria is doing his best with the resources provided, there are a list of goals they want him to work on for the 2018-19 school year.

Goals involve working to improve children reading at grade level in all schools, applying a learning support system to prevent discipline problems. The board also wants more qualified educators retained and participating in additional professional training programs. And most importantly making sure the school system's vision to parents and the community is clear and that everyone works together to achieve it.

"We will not be satisfied as a school district until each and every child is highly successful that makes graduating, walking across our stage fully prepared for what follows and we are not there yet," said Dr. Daria.

"Everything cannot be on him it really takes a village. It's a team you know it's a big wave," said school board member Erica gr ant.

Dr. Daria said they're not waiting until the fall to start working on these goals.

Their summer enrichment program is expanding to service even more children starting June next month.

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