Mountain Brook SRO creates, distributes shirts discouraging drinking and driving

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - Every year 300 teenagers in the United States die as a result of drinking and driving on a prom weekend, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. One Mountain Brook school resource officer wants to make sure his kids don't become a statistic.

"They get t-shirts for everything. For cheer, for football, for homecoming," said Officer Richard Knecht, Mountain Brook High School Resource Officer.

So Knecht thought why not use the clothing's popularity to do some good before kids head off to their prom.

"And I thought a good way to bring in a 'don't drink and drive' campaign is give them a t-shirt," he said.

Starting Thursday, seniors will get shirts that have the school's crest on the front. On the back is a sketch depicting the dangers of driving drunk, along with the words: "Don't let this be your last dance."

"Some of those decisions can cost their life. And even the passengers who decide to ride with someone who's been drinking and driving can become a fatality," said Knecht.

He wanted the t-shirts to be free, so the first year SRO approached the chamber of commerce about getting sponsors.

"On the first day that we requested funds for the shirt, we were almost blown away by the number of participants," said Knecht.

It's a cause that the community obviously thought was worthwhile, and one that could have long-lasting benefits.

"If we reach the right person and that person changes their mind about drinking and driving because of this shirt, we've saved one life," said Knecht.

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