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Hurricane Preparedness Week is a good time to assemble your emergency kit

Hurricane prep kit. (Source: WBRC video) Hurricane prep kit. (Source: WBRC video)

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue explained Wednesday what you would need to include in a grab and go emergency kit.

"It's to go ahead and have this in place early on, not when something is bearing down on you," Jim Ray, Chief of Training for Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue, explained.

He demonstrated some of the things you might need in your kit in case a weather-related emergency strikes where you live.

"It's be good to have a first aid kit to do that with some gloves would be good if there's debris you need to move around. A flashlight is a great thing. I remember the night of the tornado we had, that was one of my first thoughts, was we need water and we need flashlights for these people. It's about to get dark, these people are not going to have flashlights to see around there's so much debris and dangerous things around these houses," Ray added.

He also suggests gathering any important papers or documents and putting them in a plastic bag.

You should check your kit once a year to make sure nothing you have in it has expired.

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