Will high gas prices continue to rise?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Some petroleum experts are predicting higher gas prices if President Donald Trump and other nations impose sanctions on Iran. President Trump rejected the Iran nuclear agreement.

Some Alabama drivers are not happy with recent increases in gas prices.

"The gas prices are beginning to be outrageous. I think what they are doing is price gouging," said Cornelious Woods.

Some are predicting prices could jump 15 cents or more. The average cost in Alabama is $2.54 and nationally $2.82.

Many drivers are hoping any increase is short term.

"Let's get through the summer. See if we can't have good expenses on travel," said Ron Hines.

Others said they will continue to shop for a good deal.

"Just have to buy it. Just look for cheapest place and buy it. We have no choice," said Elaine May.

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