Social media post sparks action from ALDOT

Social media post sparks action from ALDOT
ALDOT workers were out repairing the curb at the intersection of Kentucky Avenue and Highway 31 (Source: WBRC)
Jill Norris (Source: WBRC)
Jill Norris (Source: WBRC)

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) - We're on your side, asking ALDOT officials what exactly they're doing to fix an intersection causing a lot of headaches in Vestavia Hills.

It all started with a woman's Facebook post, saying she's seen multiple drivers get flat tires as they turn onto Highway 31 from Kentucky Avenue.

It's a curb that's gotten a lot of attention on social media.

So much, that a resident used his own money to buy barriers to protect cars' tires from tearing up on the curb.

But those barriers are gone now, and ALDOT is stepping in.

This curb at the intersection of Kentucky Avenue and Highway 31 has had a couple facelifts since Jill Norris posted about it over two weeks ago.

She said she saw two cars blow their tires out taking this turn.

"When I saw it happen in two consecutive days I thought, 'Oh, I bet there are many more people that this has happened too,'" said Norris.

So she went on Facebook, asking if other drivers had had issues at the intersection.

Turned out, there were many.

So many that her father-in-law took action Friday, ordering and installing permanent cones to prevent future car damage.

"Obviously he's not a trained Alabama Department of Transportation professional, but I was thankful for his heart,"  she said.

And so were the hundreds of people who liked her post about the fix.

But Tuesday, those cones were removed as ALDOT officials came to make repairs.

"Seeing them in action and fixing it is really what I wanted to see," she said.  "I mean it's awesome.  I feel like you feel good as a citizen that something is actually happening, and you're being heard, and that the other citizens in Vestavia Hills also get the benefit of that."

Norris hopes her post inspires others to speak up about issues or concerns.

"I feel like anything that makes a place better is worth speaking out about.  I love the adage, 'If you see it, say it.'  It doesn't really ever hurt to say something, but then nothing really happens if you don't," said Norris.

We reached out to ALDOT.

They said they have repaired the curb by fixing the top of the concrete inlet.

ALDOT said it will install additional safety measures to avoid future problems for drivers.

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