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DT Game Play weekly livestream

By Steven Petite

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This week, the crew is revisiting the 2017 blockbuster Destiny 2to celebrate the launch of Warmind, the game’s second expansion. If you’ve fallen off the Destiny wagon or are curious if the expansion is worth your time and money, we’re playing it at 3 p.m. PT today — Tuesday, May 8 — on Twitch. Or you can just leave this tab open and watch it right here in this post.

Warmind rounds out Destiny 2‘s $35 season pass that also granted access to the first expansion, Curse of Osiris.Warmind‘s story takes place in the polar ice caps on Mars where the Hive have been working their way back to prominence. Your objective is to stop the Hive from wreaking havoc with the help of Rasputin, a character mentioned in Destiny lore since the original game. Dr. Anastasia Bray, who has some connection to Rasputin, embarks on the journey with you.

We’ll most likely give you a glimpse of the story missions during our stream, but Warmind packs more than just campaign missions and corresponding adventure events. Destiny 2 players can enjoy a pair of new strikes — “Will of the Thousands” and “Strange Terrain.” Strange Terrain is set in Mars’ Hellas Basin and tasks Guardians with taking out a Hive prince, and Will of the Thousands centers around defending Rasputin’s neural network while using a special relic weapon.

Although not available out of the gate, a new Raid Lair titled “Spire of Stars” opens up this Friday, May 11. It’s unclear what the recommended power level will be for the Raid Lair, but we expect it will certainly be over 300. Warmind campaign missions have a recommended power level of 310, which is fairly high considering the max power level up until the latest update was 335. Warmind raises the character level cap to 30 and the power level cap to 380.

Warmind went live earlier today on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC.

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