Montevallo police recently trained in 'Stop the Bleed' protocol

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Montevallo police now know another way to save your life. Officers were just trained in the 'Stop the Bleed' program using techniques like tourniquets to save a life before emergency responders arrive.

Montevallo officers were trained last month. Stop the Bleed came out of a study of the deaths that came about from the Sandy Hook school shooting. Many died because they bled out.

"Often times, police officers are the first on the scene. In the small amount of time it takes for EMS to answer, it's very precious. It makes the difference between life and death," said Shelby Co. Coroner Lina Evans.

Evans sees a lot of death as the Shelby County Coroner. Because of her training, every Montevallo police car now carries a safety kit to apply to victims. This includes a seal to apply pressure to help stop the bleed.

"You are taught exactly what to do. You are not causing more harm by helping somebody if they are having a life-threatening bleed," said Evans.

Pelham police officers have also been trained and Calera officers are interested.

Evans would like to see everyone trained. "Everyone needs to know to stop the bleed. Stop the bleed should be as common as CPR," said Evans.

If your group is interested in learning more, contact Evans at the Shelby County Coroner's office.

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