Traffic woes in Pelham with multiple road projects

PELHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you are one of the thousands of drivers who travel along Highway 31 in Pelham each day, you know it needs to be paved. The work starts at night to avoid rush hours. But there are unexpected consequences.

"Traffic is really terrible these days. You got paving going on up and down 31. You got construction on 65. Everything is just terrible. No matter what time of day you are going to encounter traffic," said Pelham resident Jessica Jeff.

A lot of drivers are getting off I-65 at the 'tank farm' to avoid the construction work for widening 65 between Pelham and Alabaster adding to problems in Pelham on 31. Traffic lights are now set on timers, so lights change even when no cars are at the intersection.

Jeff believes ALDOT could have better timed both projects rather than tackle them at the same time. "It was not a wise decision. It would have probably been better if one project was started and completed than everything going on simultaneously."

The Pelham Police Department is advising people to be patient, leave earlier than normal, and avoid the area if possible.

The repaving work will take the rest of the month. The widening project will take even longer.

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