Future of Pickens County HS uncertain

PICKENS COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The d rop in students at Pickens County High School created a $200,000 hole in the school's budget.

That worries alumna like Kimberly Hicks.

"I feel like if the school closes, then they're just going to look at it as, well if the kids can't go to school here, we may as well move," Hicks said.

Pickens County High School needs more than 250 students to keep getting federal money that pays for positions, like assistant principals, a librarian and counselor.

The school board wants parents to consider options like adding fifth and/or sixth-graders to the school's population, or make the whole school K-12 grades.

People who spoke to us are divided on having elementary students and high school kids in the same building.

"Do what you got to do to keep the school going. If you have to bring the fourth-graders down here, just do it," 2012 PCHS graduate Chad Crenshaw expressed.

"So I feel like if you're going to try and fix one problem, and create another one. Me personally, I don't think fifth or sixth-graders should be here with high schoolers," Hicks added.

Superintendent Jamie Chapman hopes to know by the end of May if the Justice Department will approve any of the reconfiguration plans being considered to keep Pickens County High School open.

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