Vestavia Hills attorney fixes 'dangerous intersection'

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) - An attorney has found a solution to what he calls a dangerous intersection in Vestavia Hills.

Some drivers are hitting the curb when turning right onto Highway 31 from Kentucky Avenue so Jill Norris started her crusade to fix this intersection after witnessing several accidents.

"I saw on the first day a person completely blow out their tire in a big truck," said Jill Norris,  "The next day I was at the same intersection and saw the exact same thing to a Tahoe."

After that, she posted on Facebook asking if this had happened to anyone else.

"Within hours we had 148 comments and story after story," Norris said.

Norris says she reached out to ALDOT but didn't get any concrete answers from them.

That's when her father-in-law stepped in.

"I like fixing stuff," said attorney Robert Norris, "I like surprising people.  It's fun and so I figured I came out and looked at it and said I can fix that."

Last week Robert Norris ordered all the supplies online and overnight he drilled holes into the pavement and put up five orange barriers.

It was a huge surprise for his daughter-in-law the next morning.

"I mean this is a great temporary fix or permanent fix, whatever is allowed to be, and I'm really just excited about it," said Jill Norris.

WBRC has reached out to an ALDOT spokesperson to see if they would leave the orange barriers.

The spokesperson says they are checking with engineers.

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