UA engineering students give ride-along car to young boy

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Bailey Harris, a student at Inverness Elementary, will soon be riding around in style.

Bailey today received a toy ride-along car today to help him get around school and other places.

That car was adapted by several engineering students from the University of Alabama. The car was a project, which was completed for the end of the semester.

Bailey, who was born with no arms, was excited and couldn't wait to try out his new ride.

"I really appreciate it. Like, it means a lot to my family, you know, just to be able to see a smile on Bailey's face. He can't ride a bicycle, so this brought some effort. When the boys go out to ride their bicycles at least he can get in his car and drive. So it's an A1 for me," a family member said.

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