More closures downtown as 59/20 bridge construction project continues

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Over the next month, be prepared if you have to travel through downtown Birmingham.

Motorists are getting a fair warning the 59/20 northbound ramp will be closed on May 14. A large number of girders will be installed for the bridge replacement project over the next 30 days.

The closure will be another test for drivers. "Planning. I get up early. I know the bridge is going to be closed ahead of time. I watch the news. I plan all the different routes to where I need to go," Darryl Searight said.

Searight takes his father for dialysis multiple times during the week. Another Birmingham resident has to stay up to date with traffic changes because of his lawn care business. "I try to get around it. Yes, sir I know a lot of ways around it," said Bobby Wayne Sanders.

You can see one large girder ready to be placed at the 31st Street exit. More girders are lined up near the Arkadelphia exit and are ready to be placed.

ALDOT says the work on the bridge continues and is on schedule. The new ramps will help when the decision comes to bring down the bridges through downtown. "It has to be done. Infrastructure in this country is very behind. There are some bridges 50-60 years behind. It's necessary," Searight said.

ALDOT is again asking people to slow down in the construction zone. "They don't. They just still get it. See emergency vehicles on the side, they are still flying. I don't understand it," Sanders said.

ALDOT will start releasing a list of the expected road closures soon. The plan for bringing down the 59/20 bridge is on track for sometime in October.

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