AL Governor’s Race – Meet the Candidates: Bill Hightower

AL Governor’s Race – Meet the Candidates: Bill Hightower
Meet the Candidates: Bill Hightower

Bill Hightower currently serves as an Alabama Senator for the 35th District, a position he's held since a 2013 special election.

He is an University of South Alabama graduate with an MBA from Vanderbilt University. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Emerson Electric, Eaton and Balfour-Beatty and currently runs several small businesses of his own.

In the state Senate, he serves as chair of the Constitution and Ethics and Elections, Local Legislation No. 3 Committees. He is the vice chair of the Banking and Insurance Committee. He also serves on the Fiscal Responsibility & Economic, Rules, Finance & Taxation and County & Municipal committees.

Where Bill Hightower Stands On…


Hightower plans to bring his experience as a small business owner and his experience with large companies to the governor's office, including creating a Workforce Development position in the cabinet.


Hightower says he wants to ban all earmark spending, saying that 93 cents of every dollar in the state's budget is spent even before legislature make the budget. He also wants to enact term limits for state legislators.


Hightower wants to connect high schools and two-year colleges and offer both dual enrollment and vocation training to students. This program would give Alabama businesses a stream of skilled employees.

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