AL Governor’s Race – Meet the Candidates: Sue Bell Cobb

AL Governor’s Race – Meet the Candidates: Sue Bell Cobb

Sue Bell Cobb is the first woman elected as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, elected in 2006. She led an initiative to create model drug and veteran's courts in all but one county in the state. She also furthered a pilot program for electronic fillings in court cases.

Before she retired in 2011, she was instrumental in the Juvenile Justice Act passing in 2008.

Cobb also served two terms on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

Where Sue Bell Cobb Stands On…


Cobb wants create jobs by working on the state's infrastructure. She also wants to recruit businesses by providing advanced job training that keeps qualified workers in the state.


Cobb, a Democrat, believes in reaching across the aisle to lead the state. Cobb would hold regular meetings between all branches of government as a team approach. She would also hold townhall meetings in every county.


She supports a state lottery with transparency that would fund early childhood education programs, modernized vocational training and scholarships that ensure Alabamians can afford a college or technical education.

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