Police warning folks about proper paintball gun use

Paintball wars

PLEASANT GROVE, AL (WBRC) - Police are once again warning people about the proper use of their paintball guns.

This is after police in Detroit, Michigan began a crackdown on what they call "paintball wars."

One man was even arrested after firing his gun at a police officer.  Police say that could have easily proven to be a fatal mistake.

While not of the same magnitude, the city of Pleasant Grove saw something similar to the Detroit situation last fall.

"We had a group that was shooting some paintballs at houses and struck some houses, and the call goes out with people with guns," said Lt. Daniel Reid, Pleasant Grove police.

That was during the high school's homecoming week.  Reid said when officers were called, one almost mistook a paintball rifle for a real one.

"It looks like they are getting out with a rifle. We don't know.  It's dark, we don't know it's a paintball gun," he said.

Reid isn't trying to advocate against paintball guns, he just wants people to be responsible.

"There are facilities all over that have paintball games and paintball designated places where you can go enjoy," he said.

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