Lobster Mix Prime Time


6oz of lobster meat cooked 
4 tb of diced shallots small 
1tb of chives choppped small 
season with salt and pepper to taste

sushi rice from store follow directions on package need 4oz of rice per roll

beef tenderloin filet  6oz season with salt and pepper place in hot pan with oil to coat. sear 2 mins per side or in till desired temp. then cool down for 15 mins.  cut very thin

fried portabella mushrooms- heat oil in pan up around 4 oz, place mushrooms in oil cook till crispy. use skimmer to get mushrooms out and place on paper towel to drain oil.

Steps to make roll:

place 4 oz of cooked sushi rice on one sheet of nori
add 3oz of lobster mix 
add 1oz of cucumber strips 
roll up 
place thin sliced beef on top of roll 
place one sheet of deli paper on top of roll to cut in 8 pieces' 
drizzle spicy mayo on top of roll from store 
place fried portabello on top 
garnish with teaspoon of scallions 
finish with lite drizzle of truffle oil

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