Karle's Korner: Evan Mathis on striking it rich with Mickey Mantle card

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Man, I knew I should have taken better care of my baseball cards! Less than a week after selling a mint condition 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle trading card, Homewood native Evan Mathis says he's not done trading!

Mathis, who played football and went on to a successful 12-year NFL career, says he will continue with diving into the trading card business as hard as he dove into football- and no wonder, as Mathis sold that Mickey Mantle card for (I hope you are sitting down): A whopping $2.88 million.

Evan Mathis is now in the record books as only one baseball card has sold for more money - a 1910 Honus Wagner card went for $3.12 million a few years ago. What is Evan going to do with his $2.88 million? He will use it to help build his family a dream house, as they will soon move from Scottsdale, AZ to Tennessee.

The former NFL star made millions playing the sport he loves, and now he's reeling it in with his other passion in his life. The moral of this story? Run up to your attic now and cover those trading cards with the best protective wrap you can find! It may pay off down the road.

Listen to Karle's conversation with Evan Mathis above as he talked from his Scottsdale home. And if you want to see more of what this avid collector is all about, check out SellToEvan.com.

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