Neighbors complain about nasty flood problem in Northport

Neighbors complain about nasty flood problem in Northport

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - A nasty flood problem in Northport has neighbors complaining about the dangerous road conditions there.

Neighbors who live on Shady Hill Road say there has been a bad flood problem here for decades and that no one will listen.

"The water travels down here. All of this is covered with water and this is video of this entire area flooded with water yesterday, " said Willie Walker, neighbor.

Willie Walker has lived on Shady Hill Road since 1991 and said every year the flooding gets worse.

"When the water is flowing, it is going downhill and then when it starts to come up the hill, then it stops so you got a pool here. See how that grass is laid down when all the water is coming down the hill and it gets as much as it can get in here, it starts to spill out," said Walker.

Drivers are seen on video slowly trying to get through flood waters and Walker says he's worried about the children in the neighborhood.

"The water is probably 3 to 4 inches deep. If those kids get in that water, it might sweep them away," said Walker.

Keaundra Mayfield and his family moved here not even a year ago and has tried putting rocks around his yard to stop the flooding.

"Well, the water is so much of a force. it just throws those rocks and bricks and concrete clean away," said Mayfield.

He's contacted Northport and Tuscaloosa County officials about the flood water blocking him and his elderly neighbors in but has had no luck.

"Taxpayer pays for things to be done around in your community and that's not happening here. Everyone keeps putting me off to another person on to another person," said Mayfield.

Councilman Rodney Sullivan is over the district Shady Hill Road is in and he said city staff is working on a way to resolve the flood problem but it's taking a while because several different property owners including the state are involved.

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