Mother of girl hit by tree at B'ham Zoo calls it a 'freak accident'

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - "We just heard a crack. It was really loud," Heather Mills told WBRC.

But screams coming from inside the Birmingham Zoo Thursday afternoon sounded louder.

Mills spoke to FOX6 News today about the tree that fell on several people waiting in line to board the Zoo's train, including her young daughter, Kathleen.

"I grabbed her to turn and run about that time one of the larger limbs sort of caught her by the hip and knocked her to the ground," Mills said.

Kathleen only suffered scrapes, scratches and a bruised hip. At least one of the victims was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

"There was a woman who was on the ground. She had been struck by the actual trunk of the tree that," Mills said.

Mills called the tree falling a "freak accident" and didn't believe the zoo did anything wrong. She credited zoo staff with responding quickly when the situation happened. Mills says her daughter isn't mad either.

"We love the zoo. If you ask my daughter if she had a good time at the zoo she would tell you yes. She got to feed the giraffe, and that was her favorite part," Mills said.

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