New Autocar plant brings 700-plus jobs to Jefferson Co.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Most job opportunities are coming to Jefferson County.

A ribbon cutting was held for Autocar, a $120 million heavy-duty truck manufacturing plant, on Thursday. The Indiana-based company hopes to produce heavy-duty vehicles for every state in the country.

Best of all for Alabamians, President Jim Johnston says they're hiring.

"We are just getting going. We are further ahead than anticipated. We are only a third of the way where we are going to end up at. It will continue to expand," Johnston said.

The company could expand to 740 jobs and only about a third have been filled. The training program is what attracted the company to Alabama.

"Certainly its what attracted us. The uniqueness of what it has I have not seen elsewhere of this profile. So it's really a unique opportunity that Alabama has put out," Johnston said.

Average salaries could be about $58,000. Gov. Kay Ivey said this opens the door for other jobs in the state.

"It's a strong signal to all global potential employers. National employers that Alabama is a special place. Speaks volumes of the positive business climate we have," Ivey said.

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