Mayor of Hoover addresses city's financial woes

Mayor of Hoover addresses city's financial woes
(Source: Catherine Patterson/WBRC)

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Hoover mayor announces timeline to address city's 2018 budget.

No real specifics were given regarding how Hoover's mayor plans to address the city's multi-million dollar budget deficit.

But the mayor does have a timeline. 

It will be another six weeks before we hear anything more specific about how the city hopes to address the 2018 budget. 

Mayor Frank Brocato said it's time the city changes its mentality about spending. 

He wants input from a group of financial professionals and the council's finance committee to brainstorm ways to get the city's finances back on track.

The mayor said the city is spending more than it brings in.  

He said Hoover also hasn't increased sales taxes in 25 years.

He said everything is still on the table. 

"I brought exactly what I said I was going to bring. The plan is that we're going to go through a process," said Mayor Brocato. "This is not a one man decision. We've got a city council sitting up there that was elected by 90,000 people. So we want to bring everybody in and get everyone involved in those decision making."

The mayor wants a resolution on how to close the budget hole by June 4th.

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