4-year-old makes it his mission to feed the homeless and spread love

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A four-year-old from Hoover is on a mission that has taken him across the country feeding the homeless.

Austin Perine walked around Linn Park earlier doing what makes him happy, spreading love.

Austin's dad TJ Perine says it's all about sending a message.

"People get so caught up in whatever they have going on with their jobs, with their own children, that they forget there is a world full of people that just need to be loved," he says.

This preschooler realized this at a young age and turned it into his full-time job. Austin says he does not like it when he is hungry so he doesn't want them to be hungry either.

As the young boy handed out sandwiches and sodas, he put a big smile on several faces of struggling people.

"That a four-year-old can take a look and go you know these people need help, can we help them, you know you don't see that even in grown people a lot of times," one woman said.

His mission is providing essentials for your belly and heart while spreading a big message along the way.

"Don't forget to show love to everyone else," Austin yells as he hands out food.

"Just like I am giving him valuable lessons, he is giving me valuable lessons and he is showing me how to love," Austin's dad explains.

"It means that you care about something or someone no matter what they look like," Austin adds.

His love has traveled to D.C. Mobile, and will be in Nashville next month. It makes him smile to see other people happy. Love is simple but it's something our world needs to be reminded of daily.

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