Jared Taylor not speaking at University of Alabama

Jared Taylor will not speak at UA

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The University of Alabama confirmed that Jared Taylor won't be speaking on campus because of leadership changes within the student group who invited him.

A school spokesperson said Monday, in part, "Consistent with UA policy, the group's registered status has been withdrawn, and its proposed event this week will not go forward."

The group Students For America First invited Taylor in March.

Their adviser stepped down soon after news spread about Taylor's appearance and hasn't been replaced.

Some people have called Taylor a white nationalist and consider what he says hate speech.

On Monday, students reacted to news that Taylor's speech was cancelled.

"I thought Jared Taylor being invited to speak on campus was unacceptable. I know we have free speech, but I don't feel hate speech should be welcomed here on the University of Alabama campus," senior Emerald Vaughn explained.

"Whenever I looked him up, he was kind of radical. He definitely had no problem saying how he felt," said Cameron Kilgore.

Students For America First has not responded to our repeated requests for comment.

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