President expects JSU to return to normal following tornado

JACKSONVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Monday, JSU President John Beehler gave the Board of Trustees an update on the recovery from the March 19th F-3 tornado that hit campus.

Beehler told the Board of Trustees, the tornado did extensive damage to the campus. Beehler said there was about 11 million dollars in uninsured losses to the school.

"We are still looking into that. Typically a lot of uninsured losses will be covered by the federal government," Beehler said.

Of course that federal assistance will be based on getting a disaster declaration from the federal government. Many students are worried they could be hit with higher tuition costs to cover those losses.

"I don't think tuition will be going up because of that. We have been really conservative with our tuition. We care about our students, so I don't foresee having a large tuition increase," Beehler said.

Beehler says the school is working with the city of Jacksonville about housing off-campus students. The school has a major concern about finding enough housing with so many apartments destroyed in the city.

The president believes many of the residence halls will be ready for on-campus students. As for the concern for students who may not return to the school because of the tornado damage, Beehler doesn't believe that will happen.

"The fact we got up and running so quickly and we treated our students so well is helping them get through the disaster. I think that will help with the retention of existing students,"  Beehler said.

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