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Ahmad Johnson acquitted in death of Hoover veteran Mike Gilotti

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A Jefferson County jury acquitted a Birmingham teen on murder charges Friday, leaving the family of Iraq War veteran Mike Gilloti still seeking justice.

Ahmad Johnson, 19, faced 10 charges in connection with the Gilotti’s January 5, 2016, at his home in Lake Cyrus. Close to 40 witnesses took the stand during the week-long trial.

Still, it only took the jury of six men and six women only aboutt five hours to reach their decision.

You could see the relief on Johnson's face after the verdicts were read. He was found not guilty on one count of murder along with being acquitted on seven counts of unlawfully breaking and entering a motor vehicle.

The state tried to persuade the jurors that Johnson was involved in a series of violent crimes in the weeks leading up to Gilotti's death.

Prosecutor Lane Tolbert told jurors that even if they didn't feel Johnson was the shooter, he should still be found guilty of aiding and abetting in the crime.

Jurors obviously felt different.

Tolbert believes the testimony of one of Johnson's co-defendants may have played a large factor in jurors’ decision.

“He was not the most credible witness at the scene - credible enough for us to go forward with him. But that's the only guess on my part,” Tolbert said after the verdict was rendered.

Defense attorney Bret Gray said he doesn’t know why the jury made the decision they made, but he felt Johnson’s defense was strong.

“Our defense was there was no physical evidence that put us at Lake Cyrus. The state's evidence that put us at Lake Cyrus was through a co-defendant and so that's we based our defense around,” Gray said.

Johnson was found guilty of two felony counts of receiving stolen property. He will be sentenced on those crimes May 29.

He is also still facing robbery charges in Shelby County for which he is still being held.

Johnson plead guilty in another case on April 26.

He was indicted for attempted murder in a separate case in 2016.

The state reduced that charge to reckless endangerment following the plea agreement.

The agreement includes a 12-month sentence.

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