UAB working on jewelry that could save someone from being attacked

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - UAB researchers are working on a device that looks like jewelry, but it could save your life.

The "Smart Bracelet" can pick up if a person is struggling or being attacked and will alert family or police if they need help.

Dr. Ragib Hasan is a UAB Computer Science Associate professor that's been working on the project with some of his professors.

"It is kind of like having a guardian angel watch after you all the time so that if you are attack that device or that system would call automatically," he said.

Jayun Patel, an undergrad student at UAB when the project started and now a Master's student, says the key is that the device tracks your movements.

"And it would keep tracking and it wouldn't do anything because this is my normal movement and if someone is attacking then I will have way harsh movements," Patel said.

This idea blossomed from a research project. The students saw a problem and wanted to find a solution.

"Is that people get attacked or assaulted and often when that happens they don't have time to react to it because maybe they are over powered or that attacker has knocked them unconscious," Dr. Hasan said.

It will also track your blood pressure and heart rate.

"If the symptoms are high at the same time that means that the attacker is actually trying to do something," Patel said.

If it detects an increase in movement or vitals, the alarm will sound. If you don't turn it off, it will text your emergency contacts and call police. There next step is to perfect this prototype.

"Improving and revising the prototype so that it becomes better cheaper and smaller," Dr. Hasan said.

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