Cyber security software company working to help end human trafficking

Cyber security software company working to help end human trafficking
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A local cyber security company has developed three pieces of software that's already help get a man convicted and played a role in the big Super Bowl human trafficking bust.

But how Daniel Clemens, the founder  of Shadow Dragon, got here was unexpected.

"That's not where we had planned on helping," he said.

But where he's lending a hand is in an area Clemens says needs a lot of help.

"What we've see since 2012, an 800 percent increase in human trafficking," he said.

And Clemens is working to help end it in a way he didn't think he could.

He's using software developed through his cyber security company to find those behind the trafficking and the ads.

He's teamed up with the non-profit Deliver Fund. The team full of former navy seals and CIA agents are training law enforcement officers across the country on the applications.

One tools helps find the human traffickers or people being sold online, through social media. The other is a monitoring software that's helping keep an eye on the bad guys.

"When these guys are talking about these things and ads go up about the same type of things we can see it or if they have criminal forums that they're using and they're only trying to sell in a place other than Backpage we can infiltrate then collect the information if I monitoring like OK these are the girls we think I've definitely been sold," Clemens said.

And there's work to be done on a reporting application, expected to launch this fall. They've already found some success.

"It enables investigators to do their jobs a little faster. Law enforcement went from not knowing any information, to collaborating with a team and having someone arrested in four hours," Clemens said.

Clemens will present his software and the work he's doing to end human trafficking on Thursday at Tech Birmingham. He's expected to speak at 11 a.m.

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