Alabama punter JK Scott opens up about praying over President Trump

Alabama punter JK Scott opens up about praying over President Trump
JK Scott leads prayer with President Trump at White House

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - JK Scott talked about what lead him to pray with President Trump during the team's trip to the White House yesterday.

The Alabama punter is really just as humble as it gets. He said none of this was planned, but that God moved him enough to ask the President of the United States if he could pray over him.

If JK Scott had it his way, he said he would've prayed with Trump in private.

But with cameras everywhere at the White house, Scott knew that probably wasn't going to happen.

"We were all on those steps at the white house and president Trump walks up on stage," said Scott.

Scott, with the rest of his Alabama football team, were honored to meet President Trump to celebrate last season's championship win.

"After he got done speaking and everything, he shook a few players hands and one of those hands was mine," said Scott.

It was then Scott knew he had to take his shot and do God's work.

"He shook my hand and I had the perfect opportunity to ask him can I pray for you. In that moment when the Lord spoke to me about him it was no longer about a President it was about a man," said Scott.

A man him and his teammates laid their hands on to pray for. Scott said politics aside if this video doesn't do anything else, he hopes it inspires others to have faith in God.

"The love of God is what brings unity. I've experienced that first hand. The Lord prompted me to pray over Trump. The same way he's prompted me to pray over other people, people that nobody knows," said Scott.

Scott said he's spoken at several events preaching the word of God and if God calls him to get into ministry later on in life he plans to answer it.

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