Hoover Police discuss the arrest of Evangelist Acton Bowen

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Hoover Police say they got disturbing information about evangelist Acton Bowen about three weeks ago. That's when they started their investigation.

Bowen is described by authorities as a popular youth minister. He has an outreach ministry and is a book author.

He lives in Southside in Etowah County. Bowen was arrested in Pelham at a local business after authorities obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Bowen is charged with second-degree sodomy, enticing a child, and sexual abuse.

Officers say their big break in the case came when the young victim came forward.

"We are very proud of this young man for being brave enough to come forward. He obviously trusted his family to come forward and confide in them. The information he had. We are proud of him," said Hoover Police Capt. Greg Rector.

This is an ongoing investigation. "We don't know if there are other victims, but generally when you have these types of cases, there are concerns of other victims," said Rector.

Bowen released the following statement after his arrest:

First, I want to say “thank you” to the countless number of people who have prayed for us. My
wife, Ashley, and I along with our incredible family are so grateful for your prayers.
I’m also thankful for the countless calls of support from those who have walked a lot of life with
me and know me best. Your steadfast, unshakable support gives me strength. For almost 20
years (since I was 18) my life has been committed to serving Jesus by serving people.
When this accusation was made known to me I was hurt, confused, and heartbroken. I have not
done what I am accused of and have not acted inappropriately in any way. Prior to the arrest
only one side of the story was heard.
My family and I trust the legal system and the people who are entrusted with the duty of
protecting each of our rights. I believe the truth will stand and I will be vindicated of this false
accusation. We ask that each of you keep everyone involved in this process in your prayers.

Anyone with more information on Bowen and possibly other victims is encouraged to contact the Hoover Police Dept.

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