What to do if you suspect gender inequality pay at work

What to do if you suspect gender inequality pay at work
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TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuesday is Equal Pay Day. The date isn't random.

April 10th symbolizes how far into the 2018 calendar the average woman has to work to make the same amount men made in 2017.

Alabama is one of only two states that doesn't protect women from unequal pay, but there is a way to get justice.

There is the federal statute that folks can turn to if they suspect gender inequality pay in the workplace.

But before you take legal action, experts suggest what steps to take first.

"Most employers don't want their employees to know what other people make for this very reason," said Attorney John Saxon.

If the only difference you see in pay disparity is the fact that you're a woman or a man, Attorney John Saxon advises you to speak with human resources first.

"There are a lot of very good resource departments that are advocates for their employees and there are a lot that are not," said Saxon.

But what if you work in HR? Amy Heatherly is the only female Director of Human Resources at the University of Alabama and sued the university over unequal pay in comparison to her male colleagues.

Congresswoman Terri Sewell took to twitter about the gender pay gap.

"Women currently make 80 cents for every dollar men make for equal work," said Sewell.

If HR doesn't help, you can file a lawsuit in federal district court. What about retaliation?

"The law protects them against retaliation but that doesn't mean there couldn't be retaliation. Bank robberies and murder is illegal but people rob and kill folks all the time," said Saxon.

Some said they would like to see equal pay less politicized.

"Equal work for equal pay is something all Americans deserve, conservative/liberal it's something we can all get behind," said college student Jackson Langcuster.

And experts said there's a 2 to 3 year statute of limitations to pursue a gender inequality pay case.

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