Hoover working on new park, playground for folks with disabilities

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - The city of Hoover is seeking help to fund a special park and playground.

Work is already underway behind the Hoover Met and near the Findley Center in Hoover. The hope is the land will be turned into a park and a playground for those with disabilities.

Hoover's Community Service Officer over parks made a presentation to the Jefferson County Commission about playground Tuesday.

"We are doing this on the front end. We are inviting people to come and play and play with their peers with disabilities and those without," said Dee Nance.

The park will have a splash pad and a zip line designed for those with special needs.

"What is so neat about this, we talk about the quality of life in Hoover and this is going to improve the quality of life of everyone who comes to this park. Regardless of their ability," said Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato.

This is a $2 million project. Hoover is putting up $400,000. Area lawmakers are being asked to contribute another $400,000. The city is asking the Jefferson County Commission to also put up $400,000.

Once this project is completed, Hoover leaders believe it will attract people from across the state and even outside the state to come here.

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