Wahouma residents want to give input on neighborhood park

Wahouma residents want to give input on neighborhood park
(Source: Jamiese Price/WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - "We need this park here for our children and it's a drawing card for ourcommunity," said longtime Wahouma resident Robert Walker, as he stood inside Wahouma Park Monday afternoon.

Turns out the park isn't the  drawing the card neighbors like Walker had hoped for. It needs a little TLC.

"We've been asking for improvements," said Walker.

"We've been asking for bleachers at our baseball field for 20 years," echoed  Pat Johnson, Wahouma Neighborhood Association President.

They also want the parking lot paved, new swings for children with disabilities, and more seating around the park.

Money through the Phase II Park Bond Project and a Community Development Block gr ant will help fund some improvements to the park. Last week, the council re-appropriated $300,000 for the redevelopment project, which includes a new walking trail.

Johnson said the money could be spent in other areas of the park. "We need to see where it's going. We need to see some renderings of your intentions," she continued.

They want their suggestions to be included in the improvements to the park.

"This is our neighborhood, those guys who are making the decisions don't live in our neighborhood. They might not live in our city," said Walker. "They don't understand what the needs are or the concerns. We want to give our input because we have to live here," he continued .

Park Board Commissioner and City Councilor William Parker tells WBRC, there's a status update meeting scheduled for next Thursday where everyone can get an idea of where the projects are heading.

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