Investigators looking for third man wanted in Tuscaloosa gang rape

Investigators looking for third man wanted in Tuscaloosa gang rape
(Source: Ugochi Iloka/WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The Tuscaloosa Violent Crime Unit is searching for a man they say was part of the gang rape of a woman.

Investigators have a warrant out on 24-year-old Deonte Steven Hill. 

Hill is one of the three men, according to police, who allegedly raped a 22-year-old woman after leaving a local bar.

Investigators from the Tuscaloosa Violent Crime Unit said the woman who claimed she was raped said she left the High Tide Bar.

The bar is a popular spot on the Strip. Some college students said they use the buddy system whenever they go there.

"It's kind of scary because even though we use the buddy system, it's not always perfect, you can still always get separated by your friends," said Shauntel Reyna, student.

The victim told police the three men were supposed to take her home but investigators said they passed by her house and said to her, they were going to continue to party.

"It just makes it un-nerving that 3 guys, all friends together were ok with doing this to somebody. It's like none of them have morals," said Reyna.

Investigators said once the victim was taken to another location, the three men raped her in a bedroom.

"I mean rape bad enough but when 3 people violate you like that's completely different, that's awful," said Hannah Morrison, student.

Two out of the three men were caught and police charged both 21-year-old Terry Murphy, Jr. and Adarious Smith with rape.

"Things like that I kind of statistically think more people get away with it, so it's good to hear that they've caught two of them," said Morrison.

Anyone with information on Hill's whereabouts is encouraged to call police (205) 464-8690.

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