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Former fire chief pleads guilty to felony charges following 2013 arrest

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Former Fire Chief, Michael Claude Watson, with the Bangor Volunteer Fire Department pled guilty to two felony counts of theft of property on Monday.

Watson was arrested in 2013 and subsequently charged with misappropriating public funds in excess of $2,500 to pay for cellular phone and internet service for family members and for converting $1,476 for personal use.

Deputy State Fire Marshall Patrick Crockett obtained warrants for Watson's arrest after interviewing members of the department and following tips from members to review the department's financial records.

“I appreciate the dozens of men and women in our communities who volunteer their time to serve as firefighters and emergency medical personnel. I am also grateful to so many others who contribute their personal resources to support our local departments. I want these first responders and the communities they serve to know that my office will continue to support their efforts to keep our neighborhoods safe and we will do our best to hold anyone who misappropriates the resources of these departments accountable for their actions," Blount County District Attorney Pamela L. Casey said.

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