Tuscaloosa police rescue trafficking victims, arrest two

Human trafficking in Tuscaloosa
Bradford O'neal Simmons (Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC)
Bradford O'neal Simmons (Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa police saved five women during the course of this human trafficking investigation.

"One of the females had been trafficked since she was 13," according to Lt. Darren Beams.

Today, that victim of human trafficking is now 19.

She and four others are safe from the man police accuse of bringing them to Tuscaloosa for sex for money.

Yusef Muhammad is charged with human trafficking and promoting prostitution.

"We also had a call from an individual staying at one of the local hotels that was shocked by what they saw in the parking lot concerning some of these ladies and their activity," Beams explained.

Friday, undercover officers answered an online ad and set up a date.

"One of our officers made contact with one of the females," Beams went on to say.

They met at a hotel in the 4700 block of McFarland Boulevard.

Police looked for a car in the parking lot carrying the women.

That's where they also met a local man now accused of helping Muhammad.

Bradford O'neal Simmons is charged with promoting prostitution.

"It shows that there's a lot of money there and it shows that local people that are interested in this business and they're teaming up with other individuals in the state and the country," Beams said in conclusion.

Police are waiting on warrants to inspect the electronic devices they seized during the investigation to see how big the human trafficking organization might be.

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