AUDIO: Kat West's mother says Jeff West is innocent

AUDIO: Kat West's mother says Jeff West is innocent
Jeff and Kat West. (Source: Calera PD (L) and Family (R))

(WBRC) - In a discussion with reporters outside a hearing, the mother of Kat West spoke about her daughter and in support of her son-in-law, Jeff.

Kat's mother testified in support of Jeff West, who has been charged with the murder of her daughter.

In her conversation, she said Kat was a binge drinker and battled bipolar disorder. She believes her daughter went outside drunk and fell.

To listen to the audio recorded outside the hearing, play the video at the top of this story.

Or you can read our transcription below:

Nancy Martin- He heard someone say they were going to send Lola to Alaska.

Nancy Martin- They've got somebody's phone to know that

Melanie Posey- Do you say that isn't true if that is the truth

Nancy Martin- The sister said if you need to send her here, send her here.

Unknown female reporter - That's where his sister lives.

Nancy Martin- That's where she lives

Unknown female reporter - Jeff's sister lives in Alaska

Melanie Posey – but you're saying the only way they would know that is if they tapped the phone

Nancy Martin– Absolutely

Melanie Posey – because that conversation was only between family members

Nancy Martin– absolutely

Unknown female reporter – about Lola possibly going

Nancy Martin– she stayed with us, we have custody of her

Unknown female reporter – can you tell us how she's doing

Nancy Martin– she's doing as well as she can with losing her mother and her dad being in jail. She misses him and she loves him. She's not allowed to see him

background conversation. Female voice Mom 2- He took her out to dinner, he had a couple of drinks and he went to bed and went to sleep. He would tell me Kat's… unintelligible…

female voice- what did you say? I couldn't hear you. I'm sorry what did you say?

Carolyn West- He would tell me … unintelligible…

Nancy Martin– That's right

Carolyn West– Kat was and she was an alcoholic, she binged

Nancy Martin– He went to bed

Carolyn West– She binged drank she drank to get rip roaring drunk

Nancy Martin– She has fallen before

Carolyn West– She has taken off her clothes before hadn't she and gone outside

[Door closes]

male voice - you think that's what happened

Carolyn West– yes that's what we think happened. She got… she drank we thought she was also bi-polar

Nancy Martin– She had just come out of a depression and she was in a manic state. He thought she was feeling …. She was starting to clean house.

Female reporter – So she was …, alcoholic and bi-polar

Carolyn West- Nancy you can answer that

Female reporter – Mrs. Martin, just tell us one question. Why are you supporting him.

Nancy Martin– Because he didn't do this. He's a good man and there's no way. He loved her with all his heart.

Carolyn West– He … know Kathy binged drink and stuff

Nancy Martin– yes she's a binge drinker

She was an alcoholic

Nancy Martin– There was lots of times

Carolyn West– and she was bi-polar

Female reporter – is that all accurate

Nancy Martin– Yes. There were lots of times she would say let's drink and he'd say I'm going to bed. He had to work the next day.

Carolyn West– unintelligible

Female – what if he did do it?

Nancy Martin– I don't know. I think maybe she fell but I don't know. Everything they have is circumstantial. Yes his finger prints are on the bottle, he bought the bottle. Of course, his finger prints are on it.

Female reporter- do you think maybe it was an accident?

Nancy Martin– it didn't take much to get her drunk. She was tiny, she weighed like 110, 115 pounds.

Female reporter – she could have fallen

Nancy Martin– She could have fallen and hit her head. I trust him with my whole heart. After she passed away, he lived at my house with Lola for four weeks. If I thought he did that, would I let him live in my house with her? No. I trust him completely. Absolutely.

[Reporter asks can we use the audio in the stories]

Nancy Martin– I just want people to understand he didn't do this. There's no way ... There's no way.

Female reporter. If your daughter was here what do you think she would have to say right now?

Nancy Martin– She'd say "I screwed up" if she could talk, if she could tell us I know she would but

Female reporter – Do you wish more of her character of her as a mom a daughter and a wife was being presented in the media.

Nancy Martin– absolutely because, because it was all about this website. She was a wonderful mom and she loved both of them with all her heart. She kept the cleanest house. I could never keep my house as clean as kept her house.

Female – and that's all they've talked about. She's been lost, her character all she's been lost in this.

Nancy Martin– I know

Female reporter – Who are you with

Female – I'm a freelance, I'm working on the True Crime blog

Female reporter – and Lola was their daughter together?

Nancy Martin– Yes

Female reporter – and that was their only child together?

Nancy Martin– Yes

Female reporter – what's the most important thing you want the community to know?

Nancy Martin– that he's a good man and he didn't do this … I absolutely believe that with all my heart.

Female reporter – why are you so sure? Why do you believe that so much

Nancy Martin– because I know what we went through after she passed away. He lived with me. We went to the funeral home together. We saw her body together. I saw him. You can't fake what he went through when we were at the funeral home, crying and saying "this can't be real". Cause we hadn't seen her until quite a while after she passed away.

Female reporter – would she want you to support Jeff?

Nancy Martin– Absolutely. She loved him. He loved her. They loved each other so much. They have tattoos on their wrists with the infinity sign. On each of their wrists

Female reporter – and how has this been for you and your husband besides losing her?

Nancy Martin– Jeff, them thinking that he did this because she … And we both believe that with all of our hearts. If he could have been here today he would have. He had to pick up Lola so I didn't know how long it would last.

Female reporter – Is Lola doing okay in school

Nancy Martin– She's doing great in school

Female reporter – kids are being okay

Nancy Martin– they are but we've talked to the principal to make sure that that is uh and she's like if she has any problems you let me know and we'll handle it. They've been wonderful at the school which is great.

Female reporter – Do you think she was drinking heavily and just fell and hit her head? Is that you theory?

Nancy Martin– That's my thought because I know how she got when she drank. And I also know when she drank she didn't stop.

Female reporter- had she ever gotten help for alcoholism

Nancy Martin– apparently, she went to AA for a while but I wasn't told that. She didn't tell us things like that

Female reporter – but you do think she was an alcoholic?

Nancy Martin– I mean she didn't drink all of the time but when she did, she couldn't stop.

Female – was she on medication for bi-polar

Nancy Martin– Yes but I can't tell you what it was, I don't know.

Female reporter – have you been to visit Jeff in jail?

Nancy Martin– I have not. I don't think we're allowed to.

Female – have you talked to him since his arrest?

Nancy Martin– We've talked to him on the phone a couple times.

Female – What were those conversation like?

Nancy Martin– that we love each other and he knows

Female – for clarification, the medication was for bi-polar disorder?

Nancy Martin– as far as I'm concerned it was. I believe so. I think she was taking stuff for depression and bi-polar but I'm not positive.

[Female reporter confirms that she is okay with media using the audio recording.]

Nancy Martin– that's okay.

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