How to keep bugs out of your home this spring

Bugs seek shelter from rain in your home

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If they're not already in your house now, they may try to get in tonight when all this rain heads our way.

You can close the doors and the windows but there are still plenty of places for these bugs to just welcome themselves right into your home.

Clint Hudson, who works for Stark Exterminators, says these bugs are mainly looking for food. To limit their access, make sure there are no tree limbs touching your home and seal all cracks.

"Caulk around all of these windows all the way down the side. Every gap that you have sealing around. Then your weather stripping is in this portion of the window and then if it mashed down wore out doesn't spring back when you open the window it is probably time to replace it," he said.

Do the same thing for all the doors in your home and any other openings.

"Places like lines that are coming in to the house a lot of times there are big gap or holes around those. Taking a steel wool or something like that and filling those holes to keep mice and that will even keep some insects out," Hudson said.

Experts say never use any bug bombs because those are only a temporary solution.

"And make sure you get it all sealed up tight and then maybe do a preventative outside the house but not putting chemicals outside the house for no reason," Hudson said.

Sealing all the cracks in your home can also help you save on your power bill because it will also keep the air flow out. So it is a two for one.

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