FEMA looks over storm damage in Etowah County

. - FEMA is in Etowah County looking at the damage caused by last month's storms to see if they can help with federal funding.

The EMA has been very busy documenting every inch of damage as its cleaned up the area, especially in Southside.

Breonna Cole, public information officer of Etowah County EMA, says there is a lot that they have to report.

"There's so much that we have to report to FEMA and state EMA it's what kind of damage how many homes have minor damage or major damage or how many were complete destroyed how many citizens are insured or not insured or maybe they are insured just under insured, so it's a lot that really a lot that goes into it and any critical infrastructure or any day to day process led that we have that were disrupted during that emergency," Cole says.

That report will even include overtime first responders submitted to clear roads.

"So really it has just been about showing them the information that we've got letting them know where the damage is and showing them proof of that damage," she said.

On Thursday, crews were looking at things like businesses or city property that was damaged.

"Then today they were doing preliminary individual assistance. So, the individual assistance was just for homeowners and the actual the citizens," she said.

No decisions of funding were made today it was just a preliminary walk through to see if the damage warrants funding and if so how much is needed.

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