Karle's Korner: Before you blast Jim McElwain, read this

Karle's Korner: Before you blast Jim McElwain, read this

(WBRC) - It's no secret that people on social media can be mean. At times, criticism can be warranted while at other times it's downright wrong!

Such is the case with former Florida football coach Jim McElwain, who recently took a $400,000 loss on his house that he sold this past January.

One headline screeched, "Former coach McElwain sells home, takes another loss." Cute, huh? Oh, if that editor only knew the real story.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Rick Staab met Jim McElwain at a charity dinner months ago, where the two men chatted about Rick's two disabled children. Tyler and Samantha Staab suffer from Dystonia, a rare neurological disease. In the market for a new home that would better fit wheelchairs, Rick and Michelle Staab saw that Jim McElwain had listed his 5,600-foot home in Gainesville for $1.8 million. The Staab's called McElwain's realtor and offered $1.4 million.

When told of the offer, Jim and Karen McElwain turned it down--until they learned that the offer came from the Staab family. Without hesitation, the McElwains agreed to take a $400,000 loss so the Staab kids would have wide hallways, railings, large rooms and more.

Oh, and one more thing: When the McElwain's left their home, they left pool tables, poker tables and even a Florida Gator buggy for the Staab family to enjoy.

So while Jim McElwain has been roasted on Twitter for taking another loss, the story behind the story is that McElwain took that loss for one family's gain. As the late Paul Harvey used to say, "That, my friend, is the rest of the story."

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